Mi Familia Vota


Mi Familia Vota is a national 501(c)(4) civic engagement organization that advocates on social and economic issues that impact the Latino community, from immigration to workers rights.

Since our founding, Mi Familia Vota has integrated local organizing, leadership development, advocacy and building broad community partnerships with our voter engagement work; focusing on local,state and federal elections. Comprehensive immigration reform, education, healthcare, workers’ rights, climate change and the environment, and voter rights have been the core issues at the heart of our work, locally and nationally. The result has been a deep connection with the local Latino community and a strong sense of empowerment from the voters we have helped to create and mobilize.

Our voter engagement program has been extremely effective at expanding Latino voter participation through community organizing, citizenship, voter registration, voter education and Get-Out-the-Vote programs; leveraging our strong networks in the community and organizational voter engagement capacity. Program evaluations of our efforts have found a statistically significant positive impact on changing voter behavior.

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