Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action

St. Louis, MO

C(4) Arm of Missouri Jobs with Justice

Missouri Jobs with Justice is a place for people who want to stop the wealthy few from mistreating and dividing us - and who want to start getting the dignity we deserve.

We Do This Work Together
We work to build workplaces, neighborhoods, cities, states, and a country where each of us have what we need for a safe and healthy life from cradle to grave. We show up for each other no matter what zip code you live in, what job you have, where you’re from, who you love, or what race you are.

We Call Out the Bad Guys
There is a small group of wealthy people working to keep the rest of us divided so they can call all the shots. They don’t want to see working people working together, and they definitely don’t want to share what should be rightfully ours.

We Do the Work
That’s why we run campaigns. We confront abuse and injustice. We get our issues in the news and on the ballot. We build relationships. We build consciousness. And we build collective power to force them to do what’s right.

With your support - We Win.
Since 1999, MO JWJ has shown up for workers across the state. We won minimum wage increases. We expanded Medicaid. We stop corporations from outsourcing our jobs and privatizing our public goods. We do big things.

Our Actions

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