No Astoria NRG Fracked Gas Plant

New York, NY

We're neighbors and community members organizing to stop fossil fuel company NRG's plan to build a new fracked gas power plant in Astoria, Queens.

NRG's current Astoria Gas Turbines LLC project is set to shut down due to new environmental regulations. But instead of replacing it with solar and battery storage on this industrial site, they're planning to replace it with a polluting, climate-destroying fracked gas power plant. And NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is letting them do it, with his Department of Environmental Conservation and Public Service Commission allowing the project to sneak through on a decade-old application with little opportunities for public involvement.

None of us would choose a power system that threatens our future & our children's future, poisons our air, and destroys the land of our Pennsylvania neighbors. But historically, we haven't been given a choice -- our energy system has been dominated by the private fossil fuel interests that seek to wring out every drop of profit. We're going to change that.

Join us to stop the Astoria Gas Turbine and demand a renewable, resilient future.

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