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North Dakota United (NDU) is an organization created by the merger of the North Dakota Education Association (NDEA) and the North Dakota Public Employees Association (NDPEA). The Representative Assemblies of both organizations voted unanimously for the merger.

The combined membership of the NDEA and NDPEA provides lifetime services to all citizens of North Dakota. Combined membership includes K-12 teachers, ESP, Higher Education, state employees, county employees and municipal employees. The two organizations share a common dedication to the improvement of the economic and professional well-being of members, as well as a dedication to public service and the improvement of the lives of the North Dakota citizens they service.


  • To create a new association of professionals better than either of its predecessor organizations;
  • To obtain representation rights for those employees who currently lack those rights;
  • To provide support to members to improve the institutions in which they work;
  • To be the voice of our members and the constituents they serve; and
  • To provide better professional development for all members enabling us to better work with communities and the students of North Dakota.

An organization of over 10,000 education and public employees serving the public every step of the way!

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