In Novasutras, we enact change through ecospiritual community. We reawaken our deepest connection with our living world to reclaim our joy, honor our pain, grow trusted relationships, and take meaningful action in service to all life.

The emerging Novasutras ecospiritual movement exists to nurture and uplift one other during these challenging times, as we work to create a world that works for all people and all species of life on Earth. Novasutras honors both spirituality and science in the quest to understand our existence, open our minds, expand our hearts, and guide us into action.

We host a variety of online and in-person events. We meditate together for global well-being, with online guided Octal Meditations and discussion on the Equinoxes, Solstices, and Cross-Quarters. Novasutras also produces guided meditation recordings, freely available on Insight Timer and our YouTube channel. We support and participate in non-violent actions and educational events to protect, defend and restore the living world and our relationship to it. We encourage the formation of local chapters (like the first one in Santa Cruz, California), where people can gather in celebration and mutual support. Our blog and newsletters include ideas for other practices to aid in building spiritual resilience while doing the challenging and necessary work we must do on behalf of all life.

Novasutras has its roots in deep ecology, watered by mindfulness traditions, and growing up into the world to nurture everyone, stretching forth branches blossoming with enticing ritual and bearing the fruit of care and kindness for all. We are interconnected with the more-than-human world through reverence, joy, generosity, gratitude, and loving-kindness. Current challenges to environmental, social and personal well-being are vast, and they demand a response at a scale appropriate to the problems.

The Novasutras movement is an invitation to co-create a spiritual movement the world needs today and for the future. Together, we can conceive a movement that remains adaptable, deeply democratic and egalitarian, open to both science and mysticism, and so beautifully compelling that it can powerfully transform the way humans live together in our biosphere.

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