NY23 Votes!

Ithaca, NY

September 24th Canvass

Expanding the voter base and voter awareness in New York's 23rd Congressional District one conversation at a time.

Building off of the example and strategy developed by allied organizations in NY’s 19th Congressional District, we are seeking to stage a large canvassing event with dual objectives on May 7th, 2017, to coincide with the NY19 Votes’ second event, and aligned with a similar effort in NY’s 22nd district. The dual objectives are: 1) to register voters in the 23rd district so as to build the voter base that can participate in 2017 NY State legislature elections as well as the 2018 federal Congressional midterms; 2) to build mechanisms for coordination across groups in the district, and develop a team of canvassers that can engage in future actions. We will deploy volunteer canvassers from staging locations that will be developed by local organizations in the 23rd district to knock on targeted doors and engage with targeted street traffic with a simple tripartite ask: 1) voter registration for unregistered voters, 2) GOTV message regarding upcoming board of education elections, and 3) recruit new volunteers for future canvass events.

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