Mitch McConnell stole Merrick Garland's Supreme Court seat. Democrats must right that wrong.

Democrats needs to announce that if they retake the Senate this November, they will support no nominee for an open Supreme Court seat other than Merrick Garland. No other nominee will get a hearing, no other nominee will get a vote. If Donald Trump has the opportunity to nominate a new justice, Democrats need to be clear and unified: Only Merrick gets a hearing, only Merrick gets a vote.

This isn't retaliation, this isn't an eye for an eye. This is righting the ship. Merrick Garland should be on the Supreme Court. President Obama nominated Garland—a centrist justice with Republican support—and Mitch McConnell tore up the rules and blocked Obama’s nominee. Democrats cannot let that stand. They can and must let the GOP know they are prepared to hold the seat open until Merrick is seated or until a Democrat is back in the White House — whichever comes first.

Democrats suffer from "set-a-good-example-itis." Democrats think if they just play by the rules, it will shame the Republicans into playing by the rules. But Republicans have no shame. Democrats have to play hardball and let the GOP know that they can play hardball too.

Sign our petition and tell Congress: It's Merrick Garland or no one.

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Dan Savage, John Aravosis & Cliff Schecter

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