Oursainsburys.co.uk and Mysainsbury.co.uk Login and Help.

Oursainburys.co.uk, previously known as www.Mysainsburys.co.uk, are the Sainsbury manager/staff login website portals.

From within the Oursainsburys website, all Sainsbury employees, managers and part-time workers can easily and securely check their fweekly and monthly staff rotas, as will as current payslips and P-60s online.

The Our sainsburys website will also shows working hours from the past month and week, upcoming holidays, plus company news about Sainsburys and Habitat.

However,new employees can often find it difficult to log in as, they are required to be registered in the system first by a manager.

Oursainsburys Login - Mysainsburys Login.

To log in in to Oursainsburys.co.uk, go straight to the Oursainsburys login page.

The log in process is straightforward. Visit the official Oursainsburys website.

  1. Enter your Oursainsburys Employee Number.
  2. Enter your Oursainsburys password.
  3. Answer the security questions.
  4. Your are then logged in.

If you need additional help to sign in, visit the OurSainsburys login help page.

To view yout payslips online, visit Payslipview, the online payslip and p-60 website.

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