OUSD Parents United

Oakland, CA

OUSD Parents United Goals and Vision

OUSD Parents United is an independent parent-led organization focused on building a strong parent voice to:

  • Fight for excellent, stable, nurturing and inspiring public schools for every Oakland students; 
  • Demand a strong contract and the best working conditions for Oakland teachers, because teachers’ work environments are our children’s learning environments;
  • Support efforts to strengthen our community schools, while also opposing any efforts to privatize local schools or make profit off of our kids; 
  • Advocate for establishing budget priorities on both the District and State levels that put our students, not our administrators, first; and
  • Build communication and outreach capacity at every public school site in Oakland.

Founded during contract negotiations between Oakland teachers and OUSD in the winter of 2014/15, OUSD Parents United has already shown that a strong, organized and engaged parent body can refocus budget priorities onto Oakland students. We are committed to keeping that engagement strong going forward, and continuing to demand accountability for our children while remaining flexible in terms of tactics and strategies used to achieve our goals.



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