Palestinian Feminist Collective

image by A. Batarseh, 2021

The Palestinian Feminist Collective (PFC) is a US-based body of Palestinian and Arab women and feminists committed to Palestinian social and political liberation by way of confronting systemic gendered and colonial violence, oppression and dispossession. Through a collective process of radical envisioning and co-creation, the PFC’s praxis is guided by two frameworks: anti-colonialism and life-affirming decolonization.

Our anti-colonial approach centers the political urgency of the Palestinian struggle and works to resist the normalization of Zionist violence, oppression and hegemony in all aspects of US public life, especially within feminist and women's spaces. Our decolonial approach centers a life-affirming set of principles and practices to redefine movement cultures through a feminist approach rooted in transformative justice and Indigenous Knowledge. We are inspired by past and present Palestinian, Arab, Black, Indigenous, and Third World Women’s Movements and life-sustaining practices to do this work.

The PFC’s membership is comprised of inter-generational Palestinian/Arab women and feminists primarily located on Turtle Island (the lands in North America). We are artists, activists, practitioners, thinkers, scholars, healers, creators, organizers, resisters, water and land protectors and defenders, life-givers and life-sustainers. We center Palestinian feminism as a liberatory philosophy for the vision of the world we want to live in.

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