Pasifika Uprising

Kaneohe, HI
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Pasifika Uprising is a collective of Pacific Islanders. Our mission is to tell our own stories on our own terms. Our social media accounts reflect our lives and the work we do in different communities.

Since January 2022, we’ve shared space with and posted stories about Indigenous movements, events, and groups from around the world, e.g., Tongans, Kazakhs, Wampanoags, Romani, Crimean Tatars, Gagauzes, Karaites, Krymchaks, Chamorro, Anishinaabe, Pataxó Hãhãhãe, Wet’suwet’en First Nation, Kānaka Maoli/Hawaiians, etc.

These stories tell about our foundational value of relationship and solidarity. Our stories share mutual concern and care, for the land and each other. Expect nothing less!

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