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Michael Bagdes-Canning

The Patio Series aims to have a monthly discussion about issues not often broached in Butler County - or anywhere else in rural Pennsylvania. We will aim to have speakers, authors, musicians, poets, artists,artisans, farmers, and others who will challenge the narrative that says change only comes in two flavors - bad and worse. Further, we will seek to bridge the artificial divide that separates working class people, explore racism, sexism, patriarchy, militarism, poverty, environmental devastation and the wedge issues that divide us. We want to build resilient community.

That Patio Series will be held in rural northern Butler County on the Patio of Michael and Karen Bagdes-Canning. The programs will be held in a large tent, sort of like revival meetings - because that's what we hope to do, revive the notion that we are all in this together. The events will be held, rain or shine. The patio is handicap accessible. As suggested, the event will be open to people of all political persuasion, age, race, gender and spirited discussion will be encouraged - but bigotry, abuse, bullying, and disrespect will not.

In these critical times, we must build a movement capable of bridging what divides us, look, unblinkingly, at the ills of American democracy and the economy that is killing us. I hope you'll join us.

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