Peoples Climate Movement — New York

We are in a climate crisis. The time to act is NOW.

The Peoples Climate Movement NY (PCMNY) focuses on efforts to encourage NYC to be in the forefront of policies designed to move off of fossil fuels while building a new and sustainable energy economy. We do this by bringing together community organizations, labor unions, religious institutions, elected officials, service providers, young people and elders, artists, media outlets, educational centers, and many others from every neighborhood of our city. The climate crisis is a global reality. Our local efforts must be part of a larger state, national and international movement. When it is appropriate and feasible, we connect our work with statewide and regional efforts and respond to calls for nationwide or global action.

We call on all New Yorkers to join us and commit to immediately and equitably remaking NYC so that by 2030 we can be 100% powered by the sun, wind, tides, geothermal and other sustainable and safe technologies. These changes are only possible if we ground our work in a commitment to climate justice. This means acknowledging that a system that puts profit over people is threatening all life on Earth. It means ensuring that communities of color, indigenous and low-income people, and others most immediately threatened by the climate crisis are in the forefront of building our movement, identifying problems, and developing solutions. It means that our work for climate justice cannot be separated from the struggles for racial, gender, economic and social justice, and peace. It means that as we fight to preserve the commons we also work to expand democracy.

We must initiate and support strategies to increase energy efficiency and conservation, reduce waste, improve the quality of our air and water, and expand the sustainable production of food for all.

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