Pioneer Valley Workers Center

Northampton, MA

The Pioneer Valley Workers Center (PVWC) seeks to build power for low-wage, and immigrant workers in Western Massachusetts. Through innovative and creative worker-driven organizing strategies, the Center unites community allies to win real change in the lives of working families and our communities. The PVWC is committed to taking a range of actions to address issues of concern. This includes:

Organizing – Engage in innovative and creative worker-driven organizing to address issues of concern to working, low-wage and immigrant workers in the Pioneer Valley

Leadership Development – Create avenues for leadership development and organizing skills so that workers can advocate for themselves and others while building a participatory democratic space for the promotion and defense of worker rights

Coalition Building - Build coalitions and partnerships with unions, community groups, faith groups, and individuals .to increase organizing opportunities

Political Power – Expand our political power in the Pioneer Valley and strengthen the voice of vulnerable workers in the political process

Education – Employ popular education methodologies to provide trainings related to workers’ rights, organizing, and unions

Research – Facilitate research into potential organizing targets through partnerships with local academic institutions

Services – Provide legal services, processing of wage and hour claims, workmen’s compensation cases, and immigration assistance

Our Actions

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