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The mission of the Planning and Conservation League is to protect and restore California’s natural environment, and to promote and defend the health and safety of Californians through legislative and administrative action.


PCL envisions a California in which all its residents are connected with their government in shaping the State into the worldwide leader in developing sustainable and thriving communities that ensure a healthy environment and sound economy for all.


In 1965, a group of citizens stood up to the uncontrolled development throughout the state, and the environmental destruction that accompanied it. They formed the Planning and Conservation League (PCL) to remedy the state’s fast paced development.

Since then, PCL has literally changed the landscape of California through the sponsorship of bond measures that have preserved hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness, miles and miles of sandy beaches and many square miles of habitat for endangered wildlife.

PCL has placed more initiatives on the statewide ballot than any other organization in California history. These successful bonds have generated more than $16 billion in new public financial resources for environmental protection, health, and transportation.

PCL also played a key role in the passage of several legislatively sponsored park, environmental protection and water bonds, totaling more than $7 billion.

Working together with hundreds of partners, our collaborative successes include:

Establishment of a giant health and environmental fund based on tobacco taxes

Creation of the habitat conservation fund

Passage of the waste reduction act and bottle bill

The outlawing of mountain lion sport hunting

Establishment of the land conservation tax credit

Conception of the oil spill prevention program

We have been active for more than fifty years, winning major successes that protect California’s environment and communities. Read details in the Historic Timeline of PCL and the PCL Foundation.

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