Preserve the Integrity of Louisville Neighborhoods Preventing a 2AM Bar Closing Time

Louisville, KY

There is a petition to Louisville Metro Council supporting a proposal by Councilwoman Chambers Armstrong as a "temporary ordinance" to shut down bars at 2:00am from the current operating hours of 4:00am. Their reasoning is that closing 2 hours sooner will reduce city violence.

More restrictions and disruptions to our Louisville businesses are not the answer. There are better ways to improve the safety of our neighborhood.

A few of the repercussions that could occur from this "temporary" shutdown:

- The shutdown becomes permanent

- More restrictions

- Drop in nearby home values

- More Business shutdowns

In support of our beloved neighborhood bars and for the safety of their patrons and dense population of residents, please adopt a culture of help and support to STOP an ordinance temporarily restricting operating hours for serving alcohol from 4AM to 2AM.

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