Progress For All, Inc.


The 2020 presidential election campaign is already under way, yet Congress has failed to reform our broken election system. Those who don’t learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes in the future.

The Republicans have no interest in reforming a system that has brought them so many electoral victories in the past decade. The Democrat leadership also has no interest in reform. Instead, they have distracted from their own culpability in rigging the 2016 primaries and then losing the general election to Donald Trump. They have spent the past two years chasing a Russian collusion conspiracy theory, rather than investigate such obvious flaws like the inherently vulnerable electronic voting machines that help them routinely rig Democratic primaries against outsider candidates.

Through our political activism, we are all part of a pro-democracy movement. And we recognize that without free and fair elections, we have no democracy. That’s why we are now organizing under Progress For All, Inc., a newly-established 501(c)(4) non-profit to advocate for the reforms we so urgently need in our election system.

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