Prostasia Foundation

San Francisco, CA

Prostasia is a child protection organization; we prioritize dialogue, outreach, and scholarly research to build evidence of effective ways to prevent CSA, and we partner with a broad range of stakeholders to help put these strategies into action.

In addition to this positive CSA prevention mission, Prostasia speaks out against ill informed policy proposals, in the firm belief that having zero tolerance for CSA should not require us to abandon our society’s core values in the pursuit of its elimination. When we fail to analyse proposed child protection measures critically, they are likely to be ineffective, unconstitutional or both—and that in turn means compromising on child safety.

Our approach is holistic, multidisciplinary, and multistakeholder, and is driven by our commitment to the following three values:

  1. Child protection
    There is never any justification for adults to have sexual contact with children or to use or traffic in child sexual abuse imagery (child pornography).
  2. Human and civil rights
    Our work is grounded in respect for universal human rights such as freedom of expression, privacy, and the due process of law.
  3. Sex positivity
    We proceed on the assumption that private sexual behavior between consenting adults, or by oneself, is not harmful, rather than presuming that it is.

Our mission is to ensure that the elimination of child sexual abuse is achieved consistently with the highest values of the society that we would like our children to grow up in.

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