Public Knowledge

San Francisco, CA

Public Knowledge is a collaborative, multifaceted project that promotes public dialogue among a dynamic network of partners on the cultural impact of urban and technological change in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the stakes involved in surviving, resisting, adapting to and attempting to shape these changes. Public Knowledge is led by SFMOMA in collaboration with the San Francisco Public Library, and is funded by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Our collaborators—including artists, librarians, and community partners—research and create relevant, accessible and imaginative experiences for museumgoers and library patrons that nurture a culture of inquiry and foster public participation on key questions related to the profound shifts taking place in San Francisco. Public Knowledge comprises their contributions, including thought-provoking projects led by contemporary artists from near and far; free talks, discussions, performances and creative workshops; and interviews and essays from The Stacks, our online quarterly publication.

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