Rebecca for WA

It's time to elect a Democrat who will fight for us, not corporations and lobbyists.

Rebecca Parson is running for Congress in Washington's 6th Congressional District to create a home for all of us — not just the wealthiest few.  

As a queer woman, a tenant, and a small business owner, she knows what it's like to have your voice ignored.  

This will be a campaign that brings us all together to fight for the needs of working families from Tacoma to Bainbridge Island, Aberdeen to Bremerton. We will create an America where everyone lives with dignity, no matter your race, class, gender, sexuality, or ability.  

We will create a country where everyone has a home, a living-wage job, food on the table, free healthcare, free education, real justice, and a future they can look forward to. And we're going to do it without any corporate money.  

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