ReCon-Out: save the Okavango

ReconAfrica is a Canadian Oil company with an exploration licence covering 35,000 kms spanning Namibia and Botswana and within the watershed of the Okavango Delta. The Delta is a UNESCO world heritage site and home to the largest populations of wildlife in Africa. More than a million people's sustainable livelihoods depend on its waters. It is home to the indigenous San people who have suffered marginalisation and eviction for generations. The home of the San, this pristine ecosystem, is threatened with toxic pollution from oil and fracking. ReconAfrica believes there are 120 billion barrels of oil, which would make it the largest onshore oil field in recent times. If burnt it would consume 1/6th of the planet's remaining carbon budget. They have a team built of experts in fracking and oil exploration risks catastrophic damage to the Okavango Delta. We are in an ecological and climate emergency and the pollution and CO2 emissions from this project demand it must be stopped. Activists are organising globally. Please do get involved.

ReConOut is a network of activists mainly based in the Global North acting in solidarity and in direct contact with activists in Namibia, Botswana and the region. We demand ReconAfrica be stopped. We also highlight this project as emblematic of what is happening globally:

  • Oil and gas exploration and the destruction of ecosystems is still unregulated by international law or in the global financial systems which are taking the world to a catastrophic level of global heating;
  • The profit from resources in the Global South is going largely to investors in the Global North nations whose wealth was already derived from fossil fuel extraction;
  • These nations are not providing the Global South with alternatives to meet their economic and energy needs.

We use a range of tools to raise awareness of these issues including protest and non violent direct action.

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