Austin Residents Rename Columbus Park

Chicago, IL

For well over 100 years, the park has been named after someone with such a complicated past. He could be described as a greedy invader- who enslaved indigenous people.

During the uprising, most of the city’s Christopher Columbus statues have been targeted by city protesters and were subsequently temporarily removed by city leaders. The Chicago Public School system has abandoned the Columbus Day celebration for the more favorable and accurate Indigenous People Day. With that being said, I think this is the perfect time to consider the renaming of the park to a more notable Black figure.

There are so many notable Black community leaders that we can rename the park after. I think this would be an excellent opportunity to add a level of pride and symbolism to the Austin community.  89.7 percent of Austin's population identify as Black, which is the reason to examine what we have been celebrating and paying homage to in our communities.

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