UPDATED 03.08.2017

This is our group's Public Group on ActionNetwork.org, devoted to resisting for good and supporting the fight to secure and protect equality and freedoms for the good of all.

We delete negative or hostile posts, as well as block the users who make them.We don't care if you are republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, progressive or whatever other party you align with.

We don't care about your gender, age, orientation, religion, race, ability, job or anything other than you are HUMAN, CARING, COMPASSIONATE, KINDNESS and DETERMINED.

We care that YOU ARE IN OPPOSITION to the orange regime, orange agenda and what the GOP are doing to our healthcare, environment, education, immigration, public lands, wildlife, water, pipelines, and so much more that is at risk of or already being harmed, taken away, restricted or exploited...

YOU WANT TO RESIST by taking actions TO STOP the orange poison to our country and people.

If you are in opposition and want to resist, please consider joining #ResistForGOOD (RFGI) and our #ResistanceEfforts.

RFGI is also on Facebook with a closed discussion group for our #ResistanceOhana.

Please be advised that you can request to join either group and, as a support and safety measure, we vet anyone whom we don't personally know to confirm they are somewhat of like-mind and in clearly stated opposition to the orange regime, orange agenda and GOP. We don't have to agree on everything, but the core opposition defined above iss a requirement. If that's you, your application to either of our groups will be approved and we'l be saying welcome to our #ResistanceOhana soon!

As a closed group, we can freely share & discuss info, news, op-eds, povs, investigative reports, ideas, plans for actions, resistance efforts, #ActionAlerts (#CTA) & light hearted posts (for snits & giggles). We can also privately set dates, times & places to execute on resistance meetings, actions and efforts.

RFGI supports #TheResistanceParty, #Indivisible Guide, #PeoplePower #OneResistance #NoFacistUSA #RISEStronger, as an intentionally inclusive group with an expanded focus.

Our #ResistanceOhana includes our “local members” who live in the 98840 & 98841 zip code areas of rural Okanogan County (where we are based), IN ADDITION TO our “kindred members” who are friends and family living outside our local area, those who are Homebound, who care for Homebound, who are living in Rural America and/or who do not have a local group near them to participate in.

Being intentionally inclusive allows our members to UNITE to broaden Live & Virtual #ResistanceEfforts and activities like other Resistance and Indivisible groups.

How RFGI differs that some other resistance and indivisible groups is that our group's priority focus is on national opposition to the orange regime, agenda and GOP through "Top-Down" #ResistanceEfforts at the 3 branches of government (executive, judicial and legislative, including contact with all 50 states' elected officials to the House/Senate), with the FBI, NSA and various IC's, as well as with national/global media outlets and independent investigative journalists.

We also support our own local groups however and whenever they may need or ask us to do so.

Again, if you are in opposition and want to resist with the support of a #ResistanceOhana, please consider joining #ResistForGOOD (RFGI) to unite with us indivisibly in our #ResistanceEfforts.

Learn more about RFGI at: http://www.resistforgood.org/

Mahalo! Thank you!



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