Despite decades of advocacy, 1 in 5 women in the United States still experience sexual violence. The reason: cultural norms that make sexual violence so common remain deeply embedded in society, especially among men and boys.

It is possible to end sexual violence once and for all—but only by breaking down the sexual entitlement, the violence, and the forced gender norms and stereotypes that boys learn in childhood, and replacing these values with empathy, emotional awareness, and consent.

At ReThink, we’re committed to changing the culture that makes sexual violence possible in the first place. Our approach is to identify and organize leaders in communities to repeatedly and consistently deliver messages to young men and boys that undercut the dominant narrative about masculinity and consent.

From our work as organizers, we know how to have short, impactful conversations that reframe tough issues in a way that sticks. Using those same principles, we work at a scale large enough to normalize healthy masculinity, enthusiastic consent, and empathy across entire communities.

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