Sacred Grooves

Chicago, IL

A Sacred Groove is an energetic pull toward something that is good and necessary for the soul and the planet. It is an inexplicable force that is so strong that one MUST get involved with great passion and principle. We bring positive change for ourselves and for others through many vehicles such as, sharing Truths, engaging in spiritual ceremony, song, dance or art, sharing our collective opinion, standing with our brothers and sisters with strength, love and understanding, and taking our energy away from those who are ill-willed, blind or unfeeling. We do our best to approach each action with great levels of spiritual awareness, efficiency and immense clarity of message.

Great gratitude always to you and to everyone who chooses to ride the waves of progressive change that this planet and humanity so desperately needs.

We are all related.
Keep groovin',

Jane Albright, Sacred Groover :>

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