Save Jeff Noven - Bail Fund [Moved]

We've moved the crowdfunding campaign to, where lots of money still remains to be raised. We hope you'll join us at that link and share widely. 

On Wednesday, November 19, students from UC campuses across California joined together at UCSF Mission Bay to protest the UC Board Regents proposal to raise tuition. As the board met inside the Rutter Center, students tried to enter the building but police were holding the glass doors shut from inside the building. The students managed to open the door slightly when an aggressive police officer yanked the door close and broke off the handle, shattering the door. Frightened, the students ran away from the building to avoid injury. That was when police caught and arrested one UC Berkeley student, Jeff Noven.

Jeff Noven is a dear friend to many at UC Berkeley. He is the inspiration for many young leaders and a patient, caring mentor.

Jeff was bailed out but remains charged with felonies for vandalism and inciting a riot — crimes he did not commit. He has been charged with these felonies only because the police grabbed him from the crowd and because the police and UC Board of Regents believe that they can defeat the students with this action. We will not let them oppress us any more. We will rise in solidarity with Jeff Noven, with students across the state and around the world, who are all fighting for the right to affordable education.

Please help us raise $2815 for Jeff's bail bond. This isn't just a friend in need — this is the future of many students. Thank you.

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