Save Our Travel Jobs (SBIT)

Each year 25,000 young British people go to work across Europe in the British holiday industry. They are the Holiday Reps, Chalet Staff, Nannies, Chefs, Drivers and Bar staff. They come from all over the UK from all different backgrounds.

They create incredible memories for millions of British holiday makers, many of them go on to have careers in the travel industry. and they generate £16 Bn GDP for the UK economy and £1 Bn in UK tax revenues.

Brexit has put all of this at risk !

At the end of the Brexit transition period (31st Dec 2020) these young British workers will no longer have the automatic right to to "work a summer or winter season"  

This will increase youth unemployment at a time due to COVID when life is tough enough for young people

It will have a massive impact of the holidays experience for millions of UK holiday makers and do serious damage to both the British travel industry and the local European resort economies that rely on this.    

We call on Boris Johnson to agree with the EU leaders a continuation of the ability for young British people to work temporarily across Europe in the travel sector.

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