Save San Francisco Small Businesses

San Francisco, CA

We are a group of San Francisco residents fighting to save our small businesses and communities! Our group is made up of community activists and small business owners fighting to keep our small businesses and communities alive.


San Francisco Small Businesses need your HELP.

They are barely hanging on! Each day, more and more San Francisco small businesses are forced to close shop and leave behind empty storefronts and the communities they represent.


COVID-19 Shelter in Place Orders forced our small businesses to close for over six months. Although the current City Moratorium on commercial tenant evictions are in place until November 30 2020, it does not specify the terms to provide a reasonable rent repayment program.

We are a City that pride ourselves on our unique and diverse business community. These businesses put their heart and soul into their stores. It is their life. Please help us retain this important and vital aspect of what makes us “The City”.


SF Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Dean Preston have introduced an Ordinance to provide further protections for small business tenants.


1.   Provide protection to small businesses, not office tenants or formula retail tenants.

2.   Extend rent deferral to the date of the Governor’s order, currently March 31, 2021, as may be extended by any future order by the Governor.

3.   Provide Options for tenants with less than 10 employees so they would also have the right to terminate the lease upon payment of the sum of (x) any delinquent rent prior to March 2020, plus (y) 3 months-rent.

Details: The rent deferred would be based on the size of the tenant:

·       Tenants with less than 10 employees would have 2 years to repay the deferred rent

·       Tenants with more than 10 employees but less than 25 employees would have 18 months to repay the deferred rent

·       Tenants with more than 25 employees but less than 50 employees would have 12 months to repay the deferred rent


1. SIGN & SHARE our Online Petition on all of your SOCIAL MEDIA (FB, IG, TWT, etc and don't forget to @the supervisors and Mayor)

2. LIKE & SHARE our social media posts leading up the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing on October 29.

3. EMAIL San Francisco Supervisors expressing your support for the ordinance in it’s entirety- LINK TO ACTION NETWORK SITE (which can email folks with a few clicks…saves the hassle of people cutting and pasting a form email/letter)

4. CALL your district supervisors expressing your support for the ordinance and changes/additions highlighted above (roster with contact info)

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