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Sanford, FL

RISE FOR CLIMATE !   On September the 8th this year, thousands of rallies will be held in cities & towns around the world demanding our local leaders commit to a fossil-free world that works for us all. Join us holding ourselves & these leaders for this love of our planet, followed tnen by walk-and-talk for climate action.

Yes, here on upcoming September-Saturday our revised event. Park on 1st Street, back of Fort Mellon Park starting @ 9 am, then onto RiverWalk for first hour of casual frontal walk. At 10 am attend 2-hour talks & music at Fort Mellon Park's 4 front-shelters 5, 6, 7, and 8. Back to car @ noon.

Please do Join us for local connecting & committing to our mother earth. Meantime, have a look at organizer Jim's long-term local blogs for this Ma of ours . . .

SheMovesMe - mother earth, her beauth & trutti here in the anthropocene - dot ( her ) community. Long planet-love blog here soon became climate-change. No, nothing at all is here for buying-or-selling - just our online getting around best-&-most !!

Check Jim's 25-mile regular bike trip around Seminole-Volusia's Lake Monroe, via music-drone.

Jim's local car awaits you too . . .


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