Sister District South Bay

Our group volunteering, making impact, and having fun

Sister District South Bay  (CA SF Bay) is focused on advancing progressive power & policy by supporting 2-4 priority Democratic State Legislative candidates each election cycle. Our goal is to help Dems hold onto power or take power in states. We help our candidates with fundraising and voter contact such as calling and writing to voters. We have a great community, make a real impact, and have fun along the way.

We are proud of the work we accomplished in 2023:

2023 accomplishments

We are proud of the work we accomplished in 2022:

2022 accomplishments

In 2024, we will be supporting candidates in key state legislative races where we can build momentum at the bottom of the ticket to benefit the strategic higher-ticket Democratic opportunities in states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada.

Please join us, and your efforts will help our amazing candidates flip critical (and winnable) districts blue!

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