Springfield Climate Justice Coalition

The Springfield Climate Justice Coalition (SCJC) was formed in 2014 by several Springfield based organizations out of growing concern for the future of Springfield’s public health and safety due to the effects of climate change.

Today, the SCJC has 55 diverse coalition members spanning a wide array of community organizations, faith based groups, and businesses. Together, we work to generate our vision of a Springfield that is strong and healthy, i.e. environmentally sustainable and resilient, as well as environmentally just, on a systematic and community level. Contributing to this vision, the SCJC has successfully advocated for a Climate Action and Resiliency Plan as well as for the hiring of a Sustainability Coordinator.

Plainly, Springfield is an environmental justice community, and is home to the poorest district in the state: the North End. It’s also one of the top asthma-aggravated cities in the nation, and although it’s an environmental justice community, local and state officials have not made it a priority to protect it. We fight against these injustices.

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