Street Watch LA

As capitalism continues to force people to live in the streets, Street Watch will stand with tenants in the fight to end criminalization, increase public control of resources, and accelerate a socialist movement for housing as a human right.


Using the example of the Los Angeles Community Action Network’s (LACAN) highly effective “Community Watch” program in the heavily policed neighborhood of Skid Row, DSA-LA and LACAN have partnered to create a city-wide Street Watch coalition of grassroots organizations and community members.

We seek to empower and protect the rights of poor and unhoused people across LA County, while increasing public knowledge of housing issues through a variety of direct engagements and actions.

These include but are not limited to: the tracking of encampments and encampment sweeps; consistent outreach to encampment residents to inform them of their rights and encourage them to organize and join the broader tenants movement for housing as a human right; gathering of information regarding rights violations or harassment from police or business/property owners; offering resources such as legal aid; educating surrounding business owners, property owners, and housed tenants to discourage them from calling law enforcement or sanitation on encampments; and legally observing and recording video of law enforcement and sanitation encampment sweeps.



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