Sunrise Eugene

Eugene, OR
Robert Scherle

Sunrise Eugene is a grassroots collective consisting of youth organizers from Eugene/Springfield who aim to push for radical climate action legislation nationally and locally, seeking to make global impacts to help alleviate the threat of climate change. We combine a diversity of tactics, including lobbying and direct action to actualize these efforts. Our goals include enacting Green New Deal in Lane County (while furthering the national agenda of the Sunrise movement), getting corporate oil and gas interests out of Oregon legislators campaigns, and stopping fossil fuel projects. We hold general monthly meetings and host other events for the community to get involved in this transformational movement. Sunrise operates under a progressive “step-up, step-back” framework. If you’re someone who tends to not speak a lot, and/or comes from a historically marginalized identity (or more than one), please step up into a role of speaking more. If you tend to speak a lot, and/or come from a historically privileged identity (or more than one), please move into a role of listening more. While everyone is welcome in Sunrise, leadership roles are reserved for those under 35.

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