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We’re part of a nationwide organization with an original goal of putting a check on the Trump administration by winning control of the House of Representatives in 2018. WE SUCCEEDED!
Swing Left targeted Republican districts won in 2016 by thin, vulnerable majorities. Our collective goal was to flip 23 districts. To date we are on track to flip 38 seats, take control of the lower body, appoint committee chairpersons and influence the direction of legislation.

Swing Left San Francisco focused on California's 10th District (CA-10) and 21st District (CA-21) in the Central Valley. We have succeeded in taking CA-10 with a win for Josh Harder! CA-21 is a tighter race, but we have not given up. The votes separating TJ Cox and his opponent are now under 2,500 with well over 15,000 votes yet to be tallied.

We should bask in the thrill of our victories to date. To that end, we will have a 2018 celebration and recognition party on Wednesday, November 28th at COVO. Please RSVP to join us.

Our work is not done, in fact we're just getting started! We will continue to hold monthly meetings, sharing information and opportunities to stay engaged and prepare for 2020.

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