Tamika and Bryan for NCAE Leadership

North Carolina’s educators, alongside our students and their communities, have the power to reclaim our state. A stronger NCAE is the key.

Tamika and Bryan for NCAE Leadership

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We are running for NCAE leadership to build our union and reclaim our state.

"As educators, we make important choices every minute of every day in our classrooms. We have an opportunity, now, to choose a bold vision and strategy to make our union stronger."
- Tamika Walker Kelly, candidate for NCAE President
"Across this state, there is a movement of people who want to destroy public schools. Fortunately, educators throughout North Carolina are rising up to stop these privatizers. After eleven years in the classroom I loved, I’ve spent the last four using my organizing skills and relationships to build Durham’s local. I am eager to help lead NCAE, and win the schools and state that we all deserve."
- Bryan Proffitt, candidate for NCAE Vice-President

About Tamika Walker Kelly

  • Vice-President, Cumberland County Association of Educators
  • Westover District Teacher of the Year
  • NCAE Board of Directors-Region 6 Director
  • NCAE Organize 2020 Caucus, Co-chair

About Bryan Proffitt

  • President, Durham Association of Educators
  • Grew Durham’s membership by more than 28%
  • Finalist, Durham Public Schools Teacher of the Year
  • Finalist, NEA Social Justice Activist Award
  • NCAE Board of Directors-Region 5 Director
  • NCAE Organize 2020 Caucus, Co-founder and Co-chair
  • Teacher, 2004-2015

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