TIAA Divest from Climate Destruction!


TIAA Divest from Climate Destruction!

We are asking TIAA for four actions in order to protect climate, public health, and human rights.

We urge TIAA to address one urgent issue overnight: divest from a dirty fracked gas power
plant called Cricket Valley Energy (CVE), in Dover, NY. Even now, CVE is putting workers and
area residents at increased risk for COVID-19 by calling workers in from out of state (FL, TX,
NJ, etc.) to finish this unnecessary, harmful plant. Next, we ask TIAA to immediately stop
financing any new fossil-fuel power plants; quickly implement a no-deforestation investment
policy; and divest from all fossil-fuel investments, including the functioning Carrollton, Ohio
fracked-gas power plant.

Friends of the Earth,,
ResistCVE, Protecting Our Waters,
New Paltz Climate Action Coalition,
Sane Energy Project

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