Whistleblower Aid

Washington, DC

Whistleblower Aid provides free legal advice for federal government employees as they report wrongdoing they witness in the workplace. Deciding to blow the whistle is a tough choice, in many cases the employee faces retaliation and may even be forced out of their job. Whistleblower Aid exists to lower the barriers to blowing the whistle lawfully and in so doing strengthen the rule of law in the United States. In addition to legal services we offer free public relations help to publicize complaints where appropriate, we would like to provide networking help if a client is forced out of their job, and even provide free psychological counseling if the stress of blowing the whistle begins to impact a client's emotional and psychological well being.

Whistleblower Aid seeks to be the most secure non-profit law firm for whistleblower issues in the world. We implement extremely stringent security policies to ensure that data concerning our cases and client identities are never improperly revealed. These measures allow us to help clients reporting lawbreaking concerning the most sensitive issues, including those that are classified.

We opened our doors in September 2017 directly in response to the threat to the rule of law and accountability posed by the current administration.

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