Wisconsin's Choice

An activist spirit is reawakening in Wisconsin, and with it, an opportunity for the people of our state to make real, lasting change.

Some of it is our new president. He has inspired action in many Wisconsinites — Democrats, Independents, even some Republicans — who cannot believe how incompetent and dangerous he is. Some of it is Bernie Sanders and his vision resonating across the state. And some of it is Scott Walker, whose destructive policies have hurt workers, polluted the environment, and corroded our democracy.

Wisconsin is ready for change. And it’s time that the People set the agenda, and define a clear vision of what we expect from our elected officials.

We must do better. And we CAN do better.

Two progressive organizations — Our Wisconsin Revolution and Wisconsin Working Families Party — are joining together for WISCONSIN’S CHOICE.

Through town hall meetings, mass video conferences, online surveys, kitchen table gatherings, student organizing committees, and public forums in local libraries we’re building a campaign for the PEOPLE to choose. Through these forums, we’re developing a Wisconsin People’s Agenda, and a “job description” for policies we want the next governor to champion. Then we will come together and and choose a People’s Champ to change the direction of Madison.

The Wisconsin’s Choice campaign will shape an issue agenda that puts working families first.

It’s time to make our voices heard. Join Wisconsin’s Choice.

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