Women’s Cycling Network

The Women's Cycling Network works to promote cycling as wheels of empowerment for women of all backgrounds, and especially for those whose culture prohibited them from learning to ride a bike.

We bring together women who are new to biking and experienced cyclists, serving both newcomers to Canada as well as long-term residents, with the goal of helping those who identify as female feel safer getting around by bike.

Our story began in 2017 through the Afghan Womens Organization’s Wellness Cafe (now an independent group - Women’s Wellness Cafe). We partnered with the Bike Host program operated by CultureLink to help women bike around Toronto. Initially, a group of 15, we now number more than 100 women who bike for health benefits, transportation, freedom and empowerment. We support our members through education, advocacy, education, empowerment and connecting people who have a bike to give with women in need of a bike to ride through #BikeMatchWCN.

By encouraging all women to ride a bike, we hope to change the concept of what it means to be a cyclist and normalize cycling within our community.

Learn more about Najia Zewari, founder of the Women’s Cycling Network.

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