The Yale chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) is constantly working on campus and within the greater New Haven community towards a better tomorrow. We focus on winning material concessions for working students, campus workers, and the broader working class in our fights against the capitalist class.

At Yale, this means pushing back against many of the austerity measures that the school — with an endowment of $30 billion — takes, especially during the global pandemic. We oppose the unjust student income contribution that the school expects low-income students to pay. We stand with the Black Students for Disarmament at Yale in calling on the school to dismantle the YPD. We demand that the school provides adequately gives back to the community that it is situated in, specifically New Haven residents and campus workers.

If you're interested in joining our ever-important struggle to organize and build socialism, join the Yale YDSA!

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