Tell the Feds: Don't Dump Williams Pipeline Waste in NY Waters!

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has already denied the Williams pipeline twice, most recently because of the excessive amounts of mercury, copper, and other metals and toxins construction would churn into our recovering harbor. But Williams Company has reapplied and, along with still having no answer for the mercury and copper problem, they have another problem on their hands: where to put all of that contaminated sediment?  

Williams' solution is a terrible one: they want to dump 90% of that contaminated seafloor back into the water, where it would only further the damage caused to shellfish, whales, and other creatures by being dug up in the first place. This will not stand!  

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers—which is responsible for regulating ocean dumping—to do its job and protect our waters by denying Williams' permit!

Deadline for commenting: January 19, 2020!