Call for Action: Prevent Gun Violence - Concerning High Capacity Magazines

Dear Washington State PTA member,

Thank you for taking the time to contact your legislators in support of Washington State PTA’s top 5 issue “Prevent Gun Violence”.

Members of the legislature are considering SHB 2240 and SSB 6077, Concerning High Capacity Magazines, a common-sense measure to reduce access to high-capacity magazines while still allowing use for work and recreation. High-capacity magazines are ammunition-feeding devices that can hold many rounds of ammunition. These devices have been used in the nation’s most deadly mass shootings, and commonsense restrictions will reduce the risk of another tragedy in Washington State. The House bill would restrict the rounds to 15; the Senate bill keep the 10-round limit.

You can customize the message to your House member, especially if you have a personal message about gun violence and the impact it is having on your family, school, and community. Please share this message with members of your council and encourage them to write their legislators too. We know that opponents of limiting the number of rounds of ammunition are flooding legislators’ email accounts. Let’s add a parent voice to the mix.

Thank you,

Sherry Rudolph, WSPTA Advocacy Director

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