2024 WA State Legislative Advocacy

Send a message to your WA State legislators during the 2024 Legislative Session.

Faith Action Network invites you to write to your lawmakers anytime during this 2024 legislative session, January 8-March 7.

Share with them your concerns, highlight the bills on FAN's legislative agenda, and most importantly, tell them stories about how people are being impacted in your community. This platform will send your letter to your two state representatives and one state senator.

The 2024 legislative session is a short, 60-day session, where lawmakers don’t have to write a full two-year budget but pass new bills and a supplemental budget. This January, for example, lawmakers have more money than they anticipated last year, from sources such as the Climate Commitment Act, and they will determine how to allocate such money before the 60 days are up. We encourage you as constituents to take opportunities to communicate your experience and opinions about the heightened challenges to our communities’ well-being and unfair harm on those who are marginalized.

We suggest you tailor your message by looking up the information for the legislators from your district at Washington State Legislature. Find out who they are, go to their website, look at the legislation they’ve introduced, and notice how/what they communicate. What resources do they share, and on which committees do they serve?

Additionally, if you can't attend in-person or sit in on committee hearings in Olympia, TVW offers livestreams and archived videos of all committee hearings, floor sessions, press conferences, and legislative review.

Thank you for your advocacy!

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