Make Newton's Schools Safe

Newton educators believe that our entire community does best when students are in schools that are safe, healthy, and stable places to learn and work. To date, Superintendent David Fleishman, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, and members of the Newton School Committee have failed to complete needed HVAC work in a timely manner, implement a surveillance testing program that is scientifically sound, and reach an agreement with staff that provides stability and consistency to their work and home lives.

Newton deserves better.  

Please ask the members of the Newton School Committee to:

1. COMPLETE needed HVAC work so that all occupied spaces meet minimum health and safety standards.

2. WORK with the Safer Teachers, Safer Students Testing Collaborative to implement a scientifically sound surveillance testing regime to stop outbreaks before they spread.

3. PARTNER with the Newton Teachers Association by reaching, and voting to support, an agreement that brings safety, stability, and consistency to our schools.