Tell our statewide and county elected officials to reunite Grace and her mom.


Grace has been detained and separated from her mother for 74 days, which is 74 days too long.  Grace, who has ADHD, was detained for failing to do her online schoolwork.  Please support Grace's mother as she fights to bring her home and protect Grace's right to privacy.  Every day that Grace remains incarcerated and falsely portrayed by the judge and in the media, violates Grace and her mother and produces greater trauma.  We are demanding justice for Grace. Grace's mother is again requesting that the court reconsider it's decision to continue to keep Grace separated from her family and her village of support. We are asking the community and elected officials do all that they can to reunite this family.

To read the position statement from Grace's family and community collective, click here

Statement made by:

Grace's mother, 1StrongSister, EveryBlackGirl, Inc., Michigan Liberation Action Fund,  #FreeGrace petition creators, and #FreeGrace Community Collective.

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