Write the Canada Revenue Agency: Taxpayers should not be subsiding settler colonialism and its military

Take one minute to write a letter to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Ask the CRA to stop granting tax receipts for donations to a host of settler, military and racist organizations.

The racist extremists in the new far-right Israeli government have long benefited from Canadian taxpayer subsidized donations.

Recently Khaled Mouammar and Rabbi David Mivasair submitted a detailed complaint to the CRA concerning Ne’eman Foundation Canada.

Just Peace Advocates, the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and others have worked to pressure the Canada Revenue Agency to apply its own rules and stop registered charities from funding West Bank settlements, racist organizations and the Israeli military.

Demand CRA audit the charitable status of Ne’eman Foundation Canada, which funds organizations promoting West Bank settlements, racist policies and the Israeli military.

This is not the first such complaint:

  • A separate complaint has been filed asking the CRA to investigate a Canadian charity acting as a conduit for Ir David (Elad).
  • In December a complaint was filed regarding funds being sent by a Canadian charity to Regavim, a far-right Israeli settler group.
  • In 2021, a complaint was submitted to the CRA in regard to support by the Canada Zionist Cultural Association of the Israeli military.

Canadian Taxpayers should not be subsiding settler colonialism and its military.

Charitable donations may be the most significant Canadian contribution to Palestinian dispossession.

According to CRA rules, registered charities are not allowed to assist the Israeli settlement project in the occupied West Bank since Ottawa officially considers it a violation of international law.

The Canada Revenue Agency shouldn’t provide tax receipts for donations to these racist, colonialist, organizations.

The Canada Revenue Agency must audit these Canadian organizations. CRA needs to immediately halt these organizations from granting tax receipts for Israeli settler and/or military organizations.

December 2023: with over 20,000 people killed including over 10,000 children by Israel over 75 days, close to 2 million people displaced, thousands still under rubble, 50,000 injured, and infrastructure destroyed including hospitals, schools, places of worship, homes and utilities, Canada is complicit in both war crimes and genocide by allowing Canadian charities to support organizations supporting the Israeli military and illegal settlements.

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