Stand with the Daily News Union and fight for journalism in New York City

New York City has over 8 million people – and its hometown newspaper only has a staff of 54.

Alden Global Capital, a vulture hedge fund known as the ‘destroyer of newspaper,’ has hacked staff levels to the bone, all as it continues to shrink the budget to fill their pockets.

Those left behind are facing with a mountain of news – and despite their best efforts they just can’t cover all the issues that New Yorkers care about – like immigration, poverty, government corruption and just every day life.

Those journalists are being put into the position of having to beg for work beyond 37.5 hours to cover stories (or not cover them at all) because the hedge fund has made changes to overtime policies without bargaining, and now refuse to pay unless the new policies are followed.

News breaks around the clock. Hedge fund owners not only don’t understand that but don’t care.

Enough is enough. New York needs the Daily News. Join us in telling Daily News Executive Editor Andrew Julien that it’s time to stop draining resources and fighting its workers on overtime.

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Brooklyn, New York