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New Orleans needs local control of revenue for infrastructure. The economic engine for the state keeps less hotel tax for infrastructure than almost all other destination cities in the country. The lion's share goes back into tourism agencies, instead of vital city services. If we act now, we can avoid flooding and other disasters which our state cannot afford.

Unmet needs hurts the quality of life for New Orleanians and affects the hospitality industry's ability to grow. This puts state revenue at risk. If New Orleans can take care of herself, the state can thrive with freed up funds for infrastructure improvements in other areas. The bills currently in the legislature would provide both immediate and annual funds for infrastructure sources from local tourism revenue.

Investment in the people and infrastructure of New Orleans is common sense, and it makes business sense. It is a best practice to focus hospitality tax revenue on necessary city services.

Ask your legislator to support the #fairshare bills to fund New Orleans' infrastructure: HB522, HB43 and HB 617

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New Orleans, Louisiana