Take Action: Deer Management in the Ag Reserve: Rifles Cause Concern

How Far Can Rifles Shoot?

rifles can shoot up to 3 miles

State legislation introduced by MC Delegate Eric Ludtke (MC 06-20) would open Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve (Reserve) to deer culling with rifles (hunting with bow, shotgun and black powder is currently allowed).

Under this proposed new legislation, anyone with a Deer Management Permit would be able to hunt for deer with rifles 365 days/year.

As shown above, rifle shot can travel great distances. The proposal includes no training along with allowing these higher powered weapons. Crop losses to deer are a real problem in the Reserve, but this solution does not balance the needs and safety of all the Ag Reserve's Stakeholders (diversified producers, equestrians, cyclists, tourists, hikers, rural residents, anglers, hunters, birders etc.). More work needs to be done to find a solution that takes all stakeholders into account.

Please take a moment to share your concerns with the Montgomery County Delegation. In your letter, let them know how year round rifle season would impact your own enjoyment or business interests in the Ag Reserve - please include why this is important to you. Please write in before 2/3/20.

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