Recognize LGBTQ+ History Month in MDCPS!

On Wednesday, September 6th, the Miami-Dade School Board is considering a resolution to officially recognize October as LGBTQ+ History Month, which was first acknowledged by MDCPS in 2021.

We’re mobilizing again this year because we KNOW how important it is for students to feel seen and represented in their schools. We KNOW how important visible support for the LGBTQ+ community and our rights is, especially this year. Students need to know that the MDCPS school board has their back.

We need to tell the Miami-Dade school board that:

  • All students should feel valued by our public school system. A proclamation valuing their identities and the historical contributions that LGBTQ people have provided to the United States and to Miami-Dade County is the least we should be doing.
  • The acknowledgment of LGBTQ+ History Month benefits all students by showing that anyone can positively impact society.
  • Many other school districts in Florida currently recognize LGBTQ+ History Month, including our neighbors in Palm Beach and Broward counties. It is important that MDCPS also remain steadfast in supporting and affirming all students, families, and educators.
  • Miami Dade County Public Schools must continue to foster an inclusive, safe, and high-quality education for all students.

We need to make sure that THIS year, we’re the loudest voices in this fight.

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